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Es­capril 2019
Prompt: in­cor­po­rate music

I can hear you.
I hear you singing through bro­ken walls,
Notes like open

I can hear you.
I hear the sound of your empty voice
Ring­ing in my mem­ory
As if you were

I see your walk.
High heels step­ping so un­kind,
Pok­ing holes in my frag­ile mind:
Wounds I feel when I’m

I see your body
Like music danc­ing on empty walls,
I feel your touch
Like a passerby tap­ping my shoul­der
To ask for di­rec­tions,
But when I turn to look there’s
                             no­body there.
And I’m the one who’s lost.

My skin calls for yours.
The world is ugly in your shadow,
Your voice is a tin­ni­tus to my si­lence.
So many of my senses taken by you;
How will I take them back
If you won’t take me back?

Lunar de­sire of si­lence
Sprout hair from frag­ile flesh;
Rage me ragged,
Break­ing dishes,
Mix­ing tears with sham­poo,
Star­ing at dishes with blurred focus,
Pulling sheets taut with long sighs,
Hands pulling hair,
Fore­head to knee,
How could you for­get me?

To ever again hear a song like you,
Must I pick up an in­stru­ment and learn to play?