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April Cooties

Es­capril 2019
Prompt: april show­ers

April show­ers are best viewed through a pane
Of glass to save you from the rain;
Double-​glazed and po­lar­ized
And block that blue light from our eyes.
And if April show­ers don’t drain away,
They’ll lead to flow­ers once it’s May;
But when we stop to smell the roses,
We’ll al­ways wear plugs in our noses
To make quite sure that we do not sneeze,
Or in­ter­fere with the pre­cious bees
Who work when it’s hot as hell for honey,
Which we bot­tle up and sell for money,
Next to Na­ture’s Val­ley and Moun­tain Dew
And houses with a moun­tain view.
But we dare not climb the peak,
We just want to take a peek,
’Cause when April show­ers she’s a naked beauty,
I just hope I don’t get cooties.