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Es­capril 2019
Prompt: a fresh start

You waited ‘till the pot was ready,
Then you cast in the spaghetti;
The sticks of pasta pierced the roil­ing boil
As your hands reached fierce for the spoil­ing oil.
A dash of olive oil from the bot­tle’s neck;
A sec­ond, a third – what the heck!
You strained the spaghetti and plated it well,
And you drained the sauce jar — what the hell?
The oil added with such ju­bi­lance
Sim­ply acted as a lu­bri­cant
You, feel­ing a fool, started to be­come irate
As sauce pooled at the bot­tom of your plate.
Fill the pot again as you imag­ine a fresh start;
Try again at this Ital­ian dark and ar­cane art.