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Sun­beams through panes of glass onto messy hair,
Warm­ing her head,
Drink­ing lemon­ades and teas with­out a care,
Re­lax­ing in bed,
Coral reefs and sand
At the foot of the night­stand,
Water wash­ing au­tumn ashore,
Re­flect­ing or­anges and reds onto pat­terned walls
And through the French door,
The crab and the music box hav­ing a ball,
On a tired, weary, lazy, time­less, ever-​lasting evening,
With the sun a semi-​circle stopped half-​cropped against the hori­zon
Hid­ing, under a lace pas­tel lamp­shade,
From closed-​mouth gig­gles
While the min­now by the laun­dry ham­per wrig­gles,
Look­ing for clothes and de­pressed,
Un­able to find a mate
Be­cause it’s un­der­dressed.