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The Mirror

Es­capril 2019
Prompt: re­flec­tion

The painter with a T-​shaped face saw through twisty eyes
A re­flected smile fa­mil­iar but not his own,
The curves of his face in paint,
The char­coal scratches of lines of per­spec­tive on soft paper.

He turned his head and he saw the mir­ror an­tic­i­pate his moves.
Raised his hands. Did the mir­ror move first?
He saw his re­flec­tion blink, and then he blinked.
He saw his un­set­tled ex­pres­sion as the feel­ing washed over him.
And then he was some­where else.
A dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive, though the lines were un­changed.
Was he an­other day? An­other year? Could be.
The parts the same, the pat­tern dif­fer­ent,
Words scrolling by on a mar­quee.