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The Boy and The Man

Es­capril 2019
Prompt: boy­hood

The boy felt fear, the man felt anx­ious.
The boy felt sad, the man felt de­pressed.
The boy felt angry, the man felt ir­ri­ta­ble.
The boy had for­got­ten, the man had re­pressed.
The man wears a suit, the boy walks un­dressed.
The boy is a slave only to his senses,
But as thoughts start to play
On the radio of the mind,
Those thoughts that play only
In fast-​forward or rewind,
The man be­comes a slave to his thoughts,
His in­no­cence for­got,
His eyes be­come dark and he feels noth­ing,
Ex­cept for maybe one thing:
Ex­is­ten­tial dread
Spin­ning in his head,
But at least he knows his ABCs,
And can count back from 100 by threes.
If he truly wants to be like the boy in­stead,
He just has to ig­nore the radio in his head.
Which may not be easy, be­cause, after all,
There's no vol­ume knob that's at­tached to skull.