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House of Ice

Es­capril 2019
Prompt: liar, liar

I live in a frigid house of ice.
The walls lie and say they're rigid,
Not melt­ing at all,
But when I look at the wall,
It's drip, drip, drip­ping.

I take a look at stars hid­ing be­hind clouds.
They lie and say they're not aligned.
They say they're far away,
But they move with me when I sway,
And this ice has me slip, slip, slip­ping.

My thoughts have been hec­tic and I now see
That my skin lies and says it's not elec­tric.
Words dance but my eyes swear they're not dyslexic.
And I've al­ways been a skep­tic,
But the ice breaks and
The waves below feel mag­netic
When I'm trip, trip, trip­ping.