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King and Queen

Es­capril 2019
Prompt: with­out your name, who are you?

The King ar­gued to his sweet Queen,
“There’s noth­ing in a name,
A rose, if you called it any­thing else,
Would still smell just the same.”

The Queen, doubt­ful, pointed to her knight:
“Would not this man, once a farmer,
With­out the title of a knight,
Be just a man in armor?”

The knight said, “Queen, I’m just a man,
But I’ve never lost a fight.”
The King jumped up out of his throne,
And said, “Aha, I’m right!”

The Queen said, “Duke, set­tle this for us,
Is there some­thing that I’ve missed?
Is a name just a silly label,
Or does it de­fine why you exist?”

The Duke said, “Sorry ma’am, I’m with... umm...”
But he for­got the word for “King”,
And in the in­stant that he did,
The King ceased to be a thing!